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Интервью с админом отличного проекта — Twelve-for-twelve

Интервью с админом отличного проекта — Twelve-for-twelve
Проект добавили на днях, новостей еще нет!

Здравствуйте, дорогие партнеры. Нам удалось взять интервью у админа проекта Twelve-for-twelve, который уже показал отличную работу и дальше продолжает радовать нас прибылью. Мы смогли познакомиться с администрацией проекта поближе и узнать больше о планах на будущее и о том, как будет происходить рекламная кампания. О перспективах и трудностях, с которыми каждодневно сталкивается команда проекта.

Итак, приятного чтения!

Hello! Who are you, tell us a little about yourself?

Greetings to all money hunters of this popular blog! My name is Henry and I’m the author and inspirer of the investment platform hail from the UK, which is gradually gaining popularity around the world.

I’ll make a reservation that I’m not an expert in the field of cryptocurrencies — my job is neither in trade nor in cryptomining. However, I know how to build business processes and clearly understand the current trends in the market.

My merit in this project is rather modest — I just was able to bring together people with the necessary knowledge to put on track a powerful engine that was a source of invaluable experience for my team and a reliable tool for earning. A bold breakthrough in the cryptocurrency market has become for us an excellent reason to join the bandwagon and build a business that is not unique, but highly profitable. In this project, I administer all processes and do promotional and advertising.

Why did you name his project Twelve-for-twelve and did under ICO, how did this idea come to you?

I think you would agree that exactly the name of the project is something that will be remembered by people, it’s something that will attract their attention. We have been thinking about the naming for a long time, and it was born on its own when we finally were able to form the main concept for our clients. And you know, it really seemed to us the most logical — to name both the project and the company by the name that contains the main idea of ​​earnings for investors — twelve percent daily profit for the next 12 days aka Twelve for Twelve.

Since our goal is launching an ICO in 2020, we began to prepare for this «one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind» in advance, and today the main challenge is to acquaint people with the company’s product, as well as to show how seriously we are going to fulfill our obligations, financial ones in the first place.

Evaluate the prospects for the development of bitcoin and other crypto-currencies?

As I said earlier, I’m not an expert in this field but just a business analyst. However, all our employees, without exception, put their trust in the development of the market, wedded in the inevitability of cryptocurrency price increases. We partially support John McAfee’s forecast for the future Bitcoin price. Of course, neither I, nor my team will risk being self-mutilation and eating our dicks if Bitcoin reaches a price of $1 million :) However, no matter how fantastic this figure may seem, it is most likely close enough to the real one.

Today, many business models are built on the blockchain system, which means that this area is in great demand and has bright prospects. Today, I would strongly recommend to look at this area all thoughtful people and aspiring entrepreneurs in the first instance.

How many people are in your team, what duties does each perform?

We have a bit of a crew. Depending on the current tasks and the need to attract additional staff, the team can number from 15 to 30 people. Nevertheless, such a figure, of course, cannot be an indicator of efficiency — I know companies that consist of 5 people and whose annual financial turnover is $1 billion. Such prospects are possible in the digital and Internet technology market, and of course cryptocurrency in particular.

The basis of our team are traders — people who work closely with exchanges and private exchange services mainly in the UK. In our country, the financial regulator allows us to conduct online business with minimal intervention, and we use it as best we could. Personally, my merit is the construction of communications with advertising partners, uplines and users of investment platform called Twelve for Twelve, I am the one who answers all your letters in person and negotiates in good faith and reaches decisions on behalf of the company, the man who has decision-making powers in this project. Nice to meet you :)

What is the most difficult for you, as an administrator, to work on this project?

Actually, when you are an expert in your business, difficulties don’t frighten and are an interesting puzzle. Perhaps the most difficult in Twelve for Twelve is the human factor: countless meaningless questions addressed to the company, to which I, of course, have to answer. On average, I answer 100+ letters a day — sometimes this activity is quite tiresome. Also recently, there have been frequent attempts at fraud by unscrupulous users who are trying to build entire referral structures to earn additional income, registering themselves a dozen times.

I personally am not against such zeal, but it makes it very difficult to get real statistics and is a serious handicap to our work. Taking this opportunity, I would like to remind everyone that according to the project’s terms, you have the right register only 1 personal account. Please stick to this rule.

Are there any plans in the future to add new payment systems to the project?

This is just a great question and very timely one as well. Indeed, after the launch of the project, one of the first questions we have received was a query about the opportunity to invest classical e-currencies, Perfect Money as the most common example. Frankly, we didn’t even consider such option, since we — my team and I — are focused exclusively on cryptocurrency as our main operational source of income, which we only can guarantee. At first, we recommended our investors to use third-party online exchange services to get cryptocurrency, however, there were so many such requests that it became obvious that we couldn’t refuse investors anymore, since they are our only customers and we would like to listen to everyone’s opinion.

In short, yes, we will do it. From the beginning of our third circle additional options will appear in the list of payment methods — at the moment we are going through the necessary procedure of verification of the company so that it’s legal and official. We undertake all further operations for converting these funds into cryptocurrency and back to form payments. Follow the news, it remains to wait just a couple of days!

How exactly do you develop your product, what are the options for PR?

Many of you might have noticed that we are deliberately not actively promoting. This is a kind of experiment in building a business based on the so-called popular rumor. Of course, we bought banner spots on popular online websites to build brand awareness. But we never cooperate with online monitoring services (I think you know the notion of listing) — if you have seen our project somewhere on such «monitors», you should know that this is done at the personal discretion of the owner of this resource. In the future plans, starting from the third circle, we are going to connect several more advertisement channels — this will be an active campaign in social media, as well as advertising on TV and radio in the UK. We also want to add a detailed overview of the investment platform to the most visited online resources related to news in the world of digital currencies.

In addition to adding new payment methods to Twelve for Twelve, we will also add a couple of options to our website: a news section which everyone asks about will appear soon, we also want to translate content and functionality into other languages ​​(language versions will be added according to the geographical breakdown and a broad cross section of site attendance, the first one is already under development). And, of course, there should be new communication channels — first of all, live chat on the website and Telegram channel.

What allows to keep the project afloat, what do you consider the main quality of your project?

First of all, I’m grateful to my team, which every day gives increasing confidence in the correctness of our actions. We are ready to develop and move forward in the world, we are honest guys who don’t take the whole cover and want everyone to earn. I’d also like to thank investors for their trust — with the growth of current assets, the possibility of further income grows as well. Always keep your promises and make people happier — this is the main postulate of Twelve for Twelve team. We will work even at a loss to ourselves if only you are satisfied with the cooperation with our product.

What do you think about our blog? How did you find out about us? Can have any ideas, wishes?

You have one of the most popular blog for moneymakers in the Russian-speaking space. When we began to analyze the advertising platforms that mentioned Twelve for Twelve, your site stood out from the rest with primarily high-quality content. I would like to wish you to keep the brand, grow professionally and continue teaching your subscribers to competently derive financial benefits in the online investment market. I would also like to recommend expanding the audience by adding an English version of the content.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to say a few words about Twelve for Twelve company and its financial product! Have a nice day, all of you!

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